Client testimonials

As a result of coaching meetings with Mr. Aleksander Teisseyre, I was able to better understand my professional situation and the need for change. Versatility, depth, competence, commitment, humor, openness and trust - these are some of the qualities, that characterize coaching meetings with Mr. Teisseyre. I thoroughly recommend him as a coach to anyone planning or experiencing changes. [Entrepreneur, manager at an international consulting company, tax adviser]


My coaching with Mr. Aleksander Teisseyre quickly resulted in significant improvement in coping with stress. My ability to build supporting relationships in the workplace improved, as well. These positive changes have been recognized, which contributed to my promotion to a higher position. Calm, confident and professional approach of Mr. Teisseyre made me feel "in good hands". I realized that I could change more than I thought, and that the answers to the questions bothering me were inside. I expanded my self-awareness, I learned how to analyze my responses and change them to avoid making the same mistakes. Although it was not easy, what I learned in coaching, helped me to significantly improve quality of my life. I recommend Mr. Teisseyre as a coach to anyone who has a sense that their professional career is at a dead end, and their potential is not used. [Director, multinational corporation (B2B services)]