Where to start

Please email me using the contact form on this page, to tell me briefly about yourself and your developmental needs.

As a coach, I offer my help in formulating your aspirations, so you do not need a hundred-per-cent clarity about your goals. You jest need to the general direction of the desired change.

We will schedule a personal, phone or Skype interview. This free of charge meeting will help us  to determine whether my coaching competence meets your needs.

If so, we will plan the first coaching meeting, dedicated to the thorough discussion of the purpose of coaching, and why it is so important and meaningful to you.

On the basis of this conversation, I will prepare an individual program for you, which I will present to you at the next session. This will be an original program, tailored specifically to your aspirations, taking into account your unique resources and needs.

From this point on, we will continue meetings every 2-3 weeks. Between the meetings, we will implement specially designed exercises (practices), which will lead you to the achievement of your objectives.