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My coaching credentials

I took my first steps as a coach in 2008, offering coaching to managers, aspiring to high professional performance  and other persons, wishing to realize their full potential.

In the years 2009-2010, I studied coaching in Canada. I completed a comprehensive Integral Coaching® course, and became certified as Integral Master Coach™. The program included 200 hours of teaching, coaching under supervision of several of my clients, as well as the final public exam. The program was accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF), and made it possible for me to join ICF and to obtain credentials at a later date.

In 2012 I was credentialled by ICF as Associate Certified Coach on the basis of my coaching practice (registered coaching hours).

In 2015 I was cretentialled again by ICF, this time as Professional Certified Coach (PCC). This required 750 registered coaching hours and a comprehensive online exam.

My next goal is to achieve the highest ICF cretentials - Master Certified Coach. To achieve this, I will have to coach additional 750 hours.

In order to keep my credentials, I need to demonstrate (both to Integral Coaching Canada and to the ICF) that I continue to develop my coaching skills. 

Integral Coaching Canada renews my credentials every 2 years, provided that I attend an approved training in that period.

ICF renews my credentials every 3 years, based on my completion of approved training, worth the required number of Continuing Coach Education hours.

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