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Education and experience

My path to coaching led me through psychological studies and my work as psychotherapist, group trainer, author of courses and leader of personal development groups. I worked in three countries, and I'm practically bilingual. During my long-term stay in Australia, I fundamentally altered the course of my career from technical to humanistic.

This gives me versatility, access to multiple perspectives and the resulting ease of coaching with people from different backgrounds. Many of my coaching clients are managers and organizational leaders.

I graduated from Wroclaw University of Technology (Electronics) and Macquarie University in Sydney (Psychology). In Australia, I earned formal qualifications in psychology, as well as skills and experience in psychotherapy, group leadership and training.

At the same time, I worked on my own development, attending courses, workshops and seminars, that support personal and spiritual development. I mastered tools that I can use effectively to support development of others.

Since my return to Poland in 2002, I deepened my experience of psychology and psychotherapy. For a number of years, I co-operated with the Institute of Psychoimmunology, where I conducted psychotherapy sessions, training in soft skills for managers, and finally coaching.

My practice of coaching combines my extensive experience in supporting human development with a thorough knowledge of the integral approach. This approach (based on Ken Wilber's Integral Theory) serves me as a "map" that helps me to build coaching programs  and to lead my clients.

I am also the author of both personal and leadership development programs. I write articles on the integral approach and I present these topics at conferences.

My coaching credentials