What is Integral Coaching?

Integral Coaching® is one of the coaching methodologies. It is a creation of experienced coaches from Integral Coaching Canada (ICC). The ICC is one of the schools of coaching that obtained accreditation for their programs from the largest international association of coaches - the International Coach Federation (ICF).

How does Integral Coaching® excel among dozens of other methodologies?

Integral Coaching® is based on Integral Theory. This is a strong theoretical foundation, a solid basis for the practical aspect of coaching - the method and the process. The method and the process of Integral Coaching® reflect professionalism and rich experience of the creators (accredited Master Certified Coaches). Combination of the reliable theoretical basis with experience resulted in carefully designed, practical and effective methodology.

Why choose Integral Coaching®?

From the point of view of the client, looking for a competent coach, the advantage of a solid theoretical foundation may not be obvious. However, from the perspective of the coach it is very beneficial. The coach gains a precise tool that facilitates both the initial diagnosis and well smooth running of coaching.

A good metaphor is a long car trip. We go for it without hesitation if we believe that the driver is highly skilled and experienced (metaphor of coaching), and the car reliable (metaphor of methodology).

The word integral is understood here as complete and comprehensive. Integral Theory attempts to present reality in a comprehensive way. It encourages us to take into account as many relevant factors as possible, and warns us against incomplete, partial interpretations.

Integral Coaching® takes into account all the key aspects of a human being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Another feature of this approach is its emphasis on change (evolution, development). This is consistent with the essence of coaching, which aims to support change.

A coach that uses this approach uses a complete prescription for coaching in the form of the method (establishing the coaching goal and the necessary developmental steps) and the process (the recommended course of meetings, the practices for the client), which makes his work much easier. The integral approach helps him to understand the client's world and discover how the coach can support the client all the way to the desired change.

Integral Coaching® is a method not only effective but also versatile. It promotes human development effectively, and works very well in business as coaching for managers (executive coaching) and leaders (leadership development coaching).