Coaching credentials

Integral Coaching Canada (ICC) has their own internal credentialing system for coaches, distinguishing 3 levels of competence (earned by the hours of training, coaching under the supervision and the final exam).

ICC internal credential levels: Integral Associate Coach (IAC), Integral Professional Coach (IPC), and Integral Master Coach (IMC).

Completion of one of the three levels of training at Integral Coaching Canada makes it possible to apply for a corresponding credential level at International Coach Federation.

ICF credential levels: Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC).

How are these two schemes related?

Integral Coaching Canada assesses coaching skills on the basis of participation in training sessions, coaching under supervision and the final exam. Coaching under supervision includes both simulated coaching situations in the classroom and complete pro-bono coaching of a number of clients, conducted in parallel with the training. Completion of any of three levels of training results in acquiring internal credentials.

International Coach Federation honors internal credentials of Integral Coaching Canada and similar institutions. For its own credentials, ICF requires a certain number of hours of coaching (mostly paid hours) and meeting some additional criteria, e.g. passing an online exam.